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Arrow Взламываем PSP / Hacking the PSP

Hacking the PSP: Cool Hacks, Mods, and Customizations for the Sony Playstation Portable

Автор: Auri Rahimzadeh
10 Mb
engProduct Description

Get ready to make the most of Sony's awesome entertainment device, and hacker's dream - the PSP. Hacking the PSP covers everything you need to know to:
  • Transfer video and DVDs to your PSP
  • Transfer audiobooks and text
  • Hack the games you play every day (including using the PSP as an XBox game save device)
  • Move your TiVo and ReplayTV shows to your PSP
  • Convert your DVDs to run on your PSP
  • Create your own quick-charge battery packs
  • Learn how to program the PSP
  • Repair your PSP
  • Create your own hacks and run homebrew software
  • Find all the online and offline resources you need
  • And much more!

From the Back Cover

You hold in your hand the Holy Grail for PSP aficionados—300 pages of ways to have even more fun with that little handheld powerhouse than the manufacturer intended. Use it as a hard drive. Surf the Web wirelessly. Play your own movies in the palm of your hand. Build your own battery pack. Run homebrew apps. And we're just getting started.

Check out these hacks

Complete instructions for doing all these tricks with your PSP, plus a whole lot more
  1. Run instant messaging and RSS
  2. Play multiplayer games wirelessly
  3. Make your PSP a music player
  4. Enjoy a TiVo'd movie
  5. Take documents with you
  6. Read the comics
  7. Back up and restore games
  8. Change game backgrounds
  9. Brew up your own applications
  10. Find and run free downloads

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