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For all questions please contact Citrovod +7 967 825-97-81


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По всем вопросам обращаться к Citrovod +7 967 825-97-81

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По умолчанию FolderWatch MacOSX

FolderWatch 2.0.5 MacOSX

Automatically keep a copy of your project up-to-date on an external drive or a file server with FolderWatch. FolderWatch syncs while you work, keeping your files mirrored at all times. Simply have FolderWatch monitor a folder on your computer, then add, edit or delete files anywhere inside that folder. FolderWatch pushes those changes in real-time to a destination of your choosing.

Use FolderWatch for Development:
Find yourself editing locally, but you can't test your changes until they've been pushed to a web server? An ideal development environment isn't always possible. Have FolderWatch perform those tedious steps for you.

Use FolderWatch for Media:
Do you want the kids to have the latest copy of the family photos on their computer without any risk of them tampering with your master collection? Just set up file sharing on that machine for FolderWatch to access and it will keep it up to date for you.

Use FolderWatch for Business:
FolderWatch can streamline your process by automatically keeping a copy of your files on a different machine or out on the internet. Synchronize your folder to a publicly accessible server, and you can get to your latest presentation while you're out at that business lunch.


You may experience mixed or poor results under the following conditions: 1.) The size or number of files in your source folder is very large. 2.) The connection speed to your destination is slow. 3.) The file system of your drive is not HFS-Plus. 4.) The network protocol used to access file servers is not AFP.

File changes by FolderWatch are irreversible. FolderWatch will not create a bootable backup drive. We can not provide support for Rsync, the open-source sync engine inside FolderWatch.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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