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Averie - Fit For Soccer
Release Date : 09/08/17

Sexy, fit, and athletic Averie is a total first timer open to have new sexual experiences on camera; and the more she reveals, the hotter it gets! Watching her walk around a tourist area with a sexy dress and strappy heels, we get upskirt views and some amazing shots of those perfect thighs and butt. Completely flawless, she spreads and exposes what's under her dress without fear! Taking her panties off, she flashes throughout the touristy area, then gets completely naked (the weather is very hot and muggy) walking around with only her heels on, then starts rubbing and fingering herself. Back home, she uses the Eroscillator Toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. When she spreads her petite vagina, notice that she still has a little bit of her hymen left! She tugs and pulls on it, as well as showing off her clit and labia, then gapes as wide as she can. Moving to some anal play, she sticks two fingers into her butt, then tries a glass toy. Notice how tight her butt is, clasping around the larger glass toy's head! Some of her fitness comes from the fact that she used to play varsity soccer, and we watch her flash in her sporty clothes at a department store, and purchase a soccer ball. More public nudity when she plays soccer butt naked at a park! We can never get tired of that sexy butt and those firm thighs. Back home, she is introduced to the Magic Wand Toy, and it very quickly brings her to a strong orgasm with strong vaginal contractions! Putting on a very sexy form fitting black dress and heels, she does a sexy dance to music, eventually stripping down, and posing on a sex swing. On the comfy white bed, she masturbates once again, getting to another strong orgasm, and spreads for us, showing off her privates in detail. The next morning, we see her at a lakeside park, where she's wearing a cute summer dress (no panties of course) and watch her do cartwheels as her skirt opens up to reveal those sexy legs and the privates inbetween! She then strips naked at a resort entryway, and proceeds to fuck a banana! She takes it deep, and enjoys it, until that is... there was some trouble... Back home, she challenges herself to something rather extreme -- fisting herself! It takes some work and positioning, but she eventually gets her whole hand in, pushing it to the wrist! She enjoys the pressure feeling, but eventually its too much for her. We get to enjoy some nice gaping shots after that fist... Looking super hot and sexy in another short skirt and wedges, she parades around a mall, giving us upskirt view before going indoors to reveal a butt plug hidden in her ass! She walks up the stairs, takes it out, pushes it back in, and once she's ready, she tries a larger dildo and takes it deep up her butt! Surprisingly, she starts to enjoy it, and we get to see the penetration in full detail. Another adventure shoot with a fun, active, and fit girl who explores herself sexually all in xxx style


Total Duration : 89 Minutes
Total Size : 3,70 Gb
Resolution : 1280 x 720
FileType : mp4


Video I - Intense Penetration

Download :

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Video II - Active First Timer

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