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По умолчанию Re: Оцените сайт, нуждаюсь в советах

This is very bad.
It's all too crammed, the typography work is awful, logo is not any better.
The visual glitches (like in bottom) shouldn't be there.

I appreciate the three column layout though, you should use it for the
whole website and respect it. As for the theme, it doesn't say family at all. It's sterile, boring design without soul. It should be more colourful, you don't need photos, not even graphics, you could build it just around having good typeface and nice sayings about family.

Get some fonts here:
You could use some neogrotesk like Gotham in bold at 32pt and write sayings like:
"Happy together" or "Anywhere But home is best"

Give it more space too.
Search should be accessible via input, not via link. Login however can be solved with
hiding through jQuery, you can even validate the info with it while you're on it.
Another thing. I suppose it's about stories, you'd use excrepts of stories on homepage
instead of the long text.

Sorry I am not russian, but here are my two cents.

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